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    The benefits of candles for your interior in 3 arguments

    Les bienfaits des bougies pour votre intérieur en 3 arguments

    In Hera Workshop, we have one certainty: interior decoration is essential to feel good at home on a daily basis, especially in a context of widespread teleworking! After the stress and the unforeseen events of a busy day, what could be better than being able to recharge your batteries in a warm and relaxed atmosphere?

    Functionality, comfort, beauty and harmony are all elements to be taken into account when arranging your cozy nest. Whether it is the choice of your furniture, ornamental accessories or even your lighting, nothing should be left to chance.

    The candle: essential for a serene living environment

    Our well-being and decoration tip? Candles, candles and more candles!

    They come in all shapes, colors and scents: the key is to create an interior that suits you. Atelier Héra offers you, for example, combining authenticity, simplicity and modernity with the unique and hand-made models of his first collection.

    The advantages of candles are multiple: their practicality, subdued light or pleasant smell can transform the atmosphere of a room in two steps three movements, all at a lower cost.

    1. Functionality

    On the living room table, the edge of the bathtub or the bedroom dresser, the candle is mobile and can be used in any room of a house or apartment, which gives it an undeniable practical side.

    You will understand, no need to become a Feng Shui pro to transform a room into an island of peace and serenity. All you need to do is light a few candles, move them around as you wish, and you're done.

    1. Light

    If the candle is the essential well-being of a successful decoration, it is above all for the soothing glow it gives off.

    Widely used in meditation, it helps focus attention by using its warmth and energy to align body and mind. Goodbye anguish and anxiety, hello letting go! Its flickering flame rests your eyes and creates a relaxed atmosphere conducive to relaxation and sleep.

    1. Design

    What could be better than a handcrafted candle to bring a touch of originality to your decoration and to impress your guests ? The candles Hera Workshop are all made entirely by hand in our Parisian workshop, thus ensuring the rarity of each of them.

    No product will ever be the same, and you will find everything the charm and authenticity of handmade in the discreet irregularities of our casts.

    The scented candle, for or against?

    Before opting for a scented candle, make sure you are well informed about the toxicity of the latter. Once this necessary step has been taken, choose the scents in accordance with the desired atmosphere. A scent of ginger, for example, will have an energizing effect, while a vanilla aroma will be ideal for a touch of sweetness. Let your moods and your creativity speak for themselves!

    The advice ofHera Workshop : for protect your health and do not pollute the air in your interior, turn to quality candles, in vegetable wax and with natural scents. Good to know, you will not find scented candles among our collections ! With this choice, we are committed to guaranteeing the health of our customers and their loved ones

    You now know all the arguments to be tempted by the adoption of a candle.

    Convinced? Discover our Bubble, Thalassa and Cloud candles. They will become the best allies of your cocooning evenings!

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