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    5 reasons to choose vegetable wax candles for your interior

    5 raisons de choisir des bougies en cire végétale pour son intérieur

    Confused about buying a vegetable wax candle? Does the price a little higher than paraffin candles question you, or the interest of such a step still exceeds you?

    Hera Workshop has gathered for you its 5 best arguments to help you take the leap!

    Good for health

    Many French people are still unaware of the existence air pollution in our interiors and its consequences for our health.

    In this case, the candles are not innocent! Their combustion releases toxic particles, especially when they are composed of paraffin, a hydrocarbon derived from petroleum. Benzene and naphthalene present in artificial wax candles are thus dangerous contaminants that can promote the risk of allergies, respiratory problems or cancer. Also remain vigilant if you opt for a scented candle, and check if the aromas used are of natural origin.

    The health impact of vegetable wax candles is significantly less, since their composition is free from petrochemical derivatives. Ditto for the candle wick, beware of industrial wicks that contain zinc and lead, and prefer natural wicks in hemp or cotton.

    In Hera Workshop, all our candles are in vegetable wax, fragrance-free, and with guaranteed wicks 100% cotton to protect the health of our customers and their loved ones!


    Vegetable wax candles are ideal for preserving the environment. The elements of their composition are fully biodegradable (provided that the wick is also made from natural textile fibers) which reduces their carbon footprint.

    If you order your candles online, be sure to find out about the store's packaging choices. Nothing worse than a package filled with polystyrene or bubble wrap to spoil your eco-responsible purchasing process. Hera Workshop thus undertakes to deliver its products in packaging in recycled and recyclable cardboard for zero plastic shipping.

    To add possibly from the soy wax, if from Europe as I have seen elsewhere = argument


    Vegetable wax candles are ideal for vegan lifestyle, since they do not contain any trace of beeswax. By choosing a candle Hera Workshop soy wax (leave it for the occurrence of the word soy, or remove if you are planning candles in other vegetable waxes), you have fun while respecting your values.

    Durable over time

    Excellent news, vegetable wax candles burn less quickly than their paraffin sisters! Durable over time, Atelier Héra candles will delight you many nights before disappearing entirely.

    The little Héra workshop: the charm of handmade

    In Hera Workshop, we encourage the creators who like us, make the choice of the hand-made for the making of their candles!

    Our products are all handmade in our Parisian workshop, guaranteeing the uniqueness and rarity of each of them. Our candle models will never be identical, and you will find everything the charm and authenticity of craftsmanship in the discreet irregularities of our casts.

    You now have no excuse not to take the plunge! Find our latest creations now in our online store.

    Want to know more about our candles before taking the plunge? Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.

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