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    5 tips to combat indoor air pollution

    5 astuces pour lutter contre la pollution de l’air dans son intérieur

    In your opinion, is the air you breathe in your living room of better quality than the air you breathe in your street?

    If so, you are one of the 60% of French people who wrongly consider that pollution concerns the outside air more than the air inside them ! In truth, the latter would however be 5 to 10 times more polluted.

    Still little publicized, the question of the quality of the air in our homes and apartments is nevertheless a major public health issue.

    What are the main pollutants?

    In the blacklist of indoor air pollutants, we find carbon monoxide (CO), which emanates in particular from defective heaters. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) escape paints, inks and various fragrances used (and yes, that goes for scented candles!). Insecticides, biocides (present for example in the protective products sprayed on our wooden furniture) or cigarette smoke are not surprisingly also among the bad students.

    What are the health effects?

    These different chemicals and particles can obviously have effects harmful to your health.

    To name a few: irritation of the mucous membranes, new and worsening of allergies or asthma, headaches, increased cardiovascular problems, increased risk of cancer, deterioration of cognitive abilities, impact on the development of infants in the event of pregnancy… are all potential undesirable consequences against which it is better to guard against!

    How to act on a daily basis for healthier indoor air?

    Hera Workshop gives you all its advice to adopt the right actions on a daily basis and to breathe clean and safe indoor air.

    1. The golden rule: ventilate the rooms in your home regularly! Renewing the air in your home is the most effective way to fight indoor pollution. Our tip? Open your windows preferably early in the morning and late at night at times when human activities and road traffic are less important, to ensure the healthiest possible intake of outside air.
    1. Do not forget maintain your ventilation system.
    1. Avoid smoking indoors as much as possible of your accommodation.
    1. Replace your classic household products with less aggressive alternatives. Vinegar, black soap and baking soda ... The solution to cleansing without damaging your health is often found in grandmother's recipes!
    1. For fans of room fragrances, incense and candles, limit your use (we know it's hard!). Privilege natural wax candles, much less toxic than industrial candles made from paraffin (petroleum derivative). In Hera Workshop, we made the choice of offer you only unscented vegetable wax candles, to ensure minimal impact on air quality. The must : our wicks are made of cotton and contain no trace of lead!

    You now have all the cards in hand to preserve the quality of the air in your home.

    You do not know where to start ? Get started with candles from our latest collections : your health and the planet will thank you!

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